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Monday, January 04, 2010 Posted by Azizah Aling

The people that appeared in the pictures made me feel so warm and we became good friends since 1994 till now. Thank you all for accepting me for who I am. I love you all.

She is very naughty. Orang tengah bersiap pakai tudung pun sibuk nak ambil gambar.

Sunflower - the sign of friendship by my other friend.

I Love Fish.. so much..

We waited for our turn at the Menara Taming Sari.

We enjoyed the view from the Taming sari Tower so much. It is so worth it.

Heading to the seaside for breakfast.

Aishah - the little girl who accompanied us for the wonderful dinner..

Malacca River.

Hampir hilang dibawa ombak.

The A Famosa

Moment for everybody where everyone had so much fun. I'm not much of the moment but sure had loads of fun watching others.


The town is quite pretty with interesting sights. Conclusionnya we had loads of fun. The problem was we walked too much and sakit kaki sepanjang hari. Nampak sangat tak fit. :)



UglyPooh said...

hehe..nice pic. nnti free cuti2 mesia lg kiter

Nor Azizah Aling said...

Insya Allah. Harapnya begitulah, tapi jadual aku nampaknya kembali "dahsyat".

Mazidul Akmal Sidik said...

Please post an article about penggunaan kalimah 'Allah'. I want to read what you personally think about it. It's getting hotter.

Nor Azizah Aling said...

Encik Mazidul, let me email my ideas and thoughts about it to you. Bahaya as for now to publish the article openly since the matter is still in continuing at the Court of Appeal.

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