DAY 3 - Niyyah (Intention)

Sunday, August 15, 2010 Posted by Azizah Aling

If we are among those who are obliged to perform the ibadah of fasting
during the month of Ramadan, we must start our fasting with
niyyah everyday before Fajr to ensure that our fasting is accepted.
To observe the fast, the intention of fasting is essential (Wajib). The
intention should be made daily, preferably before dawn of each day of Ramadan.

The wording of Niyyah may be as follows:

“I intend to keep fasting tomorrow for the month of Ramadan.”

“I have the intention to fast tomorrow for the month of Ramadan.”

The Prophet s.a.w. was reported by Hafsah to have said:

"Whoever does not intend to fast before Fajr will have no fast."
(Reported by Abu Dawud and al-Nasaie).

*May Allah accept our fasting and all of our acts of worship, forgive
our sins, and guide us all to be the righteous Muslims. Wassalam.

Credit to : Ustaz Ameer Azeezy Abu Abdullah.


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